Fifty Session

Fifty session

Fifty Session is a monthly showcase event presenting one Belgian and one international emerging artist in a Brussels venue. Each artist performs for 25 minutes in a for a diverse public of about 300-500 people, from curious music lovers to industry professionals. Fifty Session is a private event, free entrance but invitation only. People can win their invitation via several Belgian media partners, from big legit players to underground niche platforms. These media partners also share the livestream of the concerts on their social channels. After almost five years, Fifty Session has grown to be a quality label in the industry and a key stepstone for upcoming talent. 


Some of the artists that were invited by Fifty Session include Angèle, Loyle Carner, Bonnie Banane, Sopico, Nathy Peluso, Zwangere Guy, Lomepal, Mahalia, Flavien Berger,  Martha Da’Ro, Clara Luciani…

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