Commander Spoon

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The Brussellians of Commander Spoon interlace their eclectic wealth of influences into an energetic jazz sound, they respectfully demolish walls between jazz, hip hop, rock and electronica.


The foursome consists of saxophonist Pierre Spataro ( who is also the brain behind the cosmic melodies), guitarist Florent Jeunieaux, bassist Fil Caporali and drummer Samy Wallens.


They released 3  EP last year « Introducing » (April 2018), « Declining »(November 2018) and « Facing » (July 2019). This trilogy allows them to celebrate a whole year of music during their live shows. There is no better jazz band in Brussels to put ‘party’ wherever they go, and its four members embody everything captivating about The New Wave of Belgian Jazz.


And the hard work never stops : Febraury 21st 2020 they will release their first album on WERF records « Spooning » :

This first album is proof that Belgian jazz is alive. It offers inspired stylistic contrasts, canny improvisation, and killer charts. It’s tight, furious and inspirational. It’s easy to see why Commander Spoon are the type of jazz group that appeals to people who normally don’t care for jazz. They’re music lovers, first and foremost, and they’re directly in tune with what’s happening in the music world. They blend numerous influences and don’t conform to any traditions. « Spooning » is a highly listenable album with an audibly beating heart, which deserves to be played so loudly that the neighbours complain




FiftyFifty Session Coely & Tess | Février 2017