Fifty Fifty, Passed

Fifty Session ⎜Anna Majidson x Sylvie Kreusch

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Anna Majidson :

Born into a family of musicians, Anna Majidson was immersed in the world of jazz from an early age. At the age when children learn to read, Anna Majidson also learns the bass, the guitar and the piano in the purest family tradition.

Raised between France and the United States, where her father is originally from, Anna takes the best of both cultures and makes it her own, creating a unique universe halfway between Fiona Apple and Françoise Hardy. Anna is a multi-faceted artist, in the variety of instruments she plays, as a singer, and producer, but also with her writing talent. In 2014, Anna met the man with whom she would make her first Olympia, and especially her first musical tandem : the beatmaker-producer Blasé, thus forming the duo Haute. She also had the opportunity to collaborate with icons such as Macy Gray (on the album of Busty and the Bass, released in 2020) or Seu Jorge (on the album of Marcelo D2, released in 2018).

She has just released her new EP ‘La Rivière’, an ambitious project, with which Anna Majidson will be able to establish herself in the French music scene. On this EP, composed mostly in French, she leaves her comfort zone with the aim of exploring new sonic horizons and being heard by a wider audience, while preserving her artistic touch. She puts aside her jazz productions, despite her background and affinities, in favor of more pop sounds and arrangements, which should delight lovers of the genre.

Sylvie Kreusch :

Sylvie Kreusch has become one of Europe’s most impressive and exciting artists. Her expressive performances and captivating mix of pop and alternative sounds have brought her work to the attention of major media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Beats One and Dazed. Her groundbreaking music and visual art are quickly making a global impression in music, film and fashion.

The artist first made a splash in Belgium with art-rockers Soldier’s Heart, and then with Warhaus, the solo project of Maarten Devoldere of Balthazar. After the release of her first EP BADA BING! BADA BOOM! and her EP Wild Love, her artistic vision is fully developed on her first product, the irresistible Montbray (release date: 5 November 2021).

One thing is immediately clear : Sylvie Kreusch does not hesitate to shoot emotional fireworks into the air. She exhumes all the forbidden passages of heartbreak with a playful voyeurism.
Montbray is a record that breathes and expresses itself fully : not only in the lyrics and voices, but also in the unique mix of styles and influences. Sylvie Kreusch is not interested in the concrete statements of pop music : mystery, confusion and suggestion prevail. These songs creep in on different wavelengths, whether it’s the impressionistic playing of Can, the bawdy prose of Serge Gainsbourg or the theatrical pop art of Kate Bush.


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