Fifty Fifty, Passed

Fifty Session ⎜Ashley Morgan x Bergmann

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Ashley Morgan :

Ashley Morgan used to play all over the world as a producer under his alias LTGL. After a 2 year hiatus, he came back with a very personal project where he uses his voice to tell his story. You won’t find a more DIY artist than Ashley Morgan. He produces, writes and records everything by himself ; even the cover art is by his hand.

Ashley’s creative process is very intense and therapeutic, which results in very intimate, yet powerful music. By listening to his tracks, you get the impression of getting an exclusive insight in very personal experiences. His solo debut didn’t go unnoticed, with strong support along the Belgian national radios and two nominations for the RedBull Elektropedia Awards.

His first EP was inspired by the innocence of childhood and healing certain aspects of the inner child. ‘LETGOLETGOLETGO’ is about daring to let go. Yet if you pay attention, you might find a reference to his previous alter ego LTGL. His follow up EP comes from that same very personal place, but brings light to the darker emotions. We try to bury the negative experiences of childhood deep within ourselves, but often they come back to the surface in a different shape. ‘I AM ME U R U N THATS PERFECT’ is a story of process and acceptance. It’s no wonder that after this creative process, Ashley experienced it as a psychological purge and noticed a dramatic shift in his consciousness. Being familiar with the teachings of Carl Jung, Ashley realized this was a part of the individualisation process we all go through as humans. Listening to the EP will give you a glimpse of Ashley’s cathartic journey. In 2021, Ashley prepares more new music, keep an eye out for this versatile and surprising artist.

Bergmann :

Bergmann was raised in Paris by an actress mother, which shaped her precocious artistic sensitivity. A born insomniac, she found herself spending her nights between four walls with David Lynch and Brian de Palma or Humphrey Bogart, listening to Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Sinead O’Connor… She hummed over their music, not realizing her potential until her friends pointed it out.

You just have to listen to her to believe it: Bergmann has this ability to embody what we live, feel and go through at one time or another. The toxic relationship, the painful or saving break-up, the euphoric encounter, the loss of those we love, the anger towards those who want to crush us, the sisterhood and the benevolence, too. This is what her first album ‘No Curfew’ is all about.

« The ones that have inspired me the most are the ones that put themselves out there for the art, not the other way around, and don’t limit themselves to one genre. As I listen to things that have nothing to do with each other, mine can also have nothing to do with each other. I refuse to pick a box because that is a barrier to creativity. »

In this, Bergmann is part of an era of artistic eclecticism, and at home, where the pop will dominates, we hear soul, R’n’B, Reggaeton, synthetic sounds. For the groovy, sentimental and pulsatile No Curfew, she surrounded herself with a team of shock : the director Florent Livcet (Bloc Party, Lous & the Yakuza, Tshegue…), the composers Polérik Rouvière (AWA), Pable Kovacevic (Sébastien Teillier- or Louis Dureau and Guillaume Zolnierowski (Alïse Sauvage, Tsew the kid, SéKeyz).


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