Fifty Fifty, Passed

Fifty Session ⎜Bonnie Banane x Laryssa Kim

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Bonnie Banane :

From her first single Muscles released in 2012, to Sexy Planet her imminent album, through multiple featurings (Myth Syzer, Chassol, Jazzy Bazz, Flavien Berger…), Bonnie Banane sings her own lyrics, mischievous, absurd and sensual in its derision. Trained in dramatic arts, she brings a theatricality to a genre that is constantly questioned in its legitimacy and often orphaned: French R&B. She gives each of her songs a singular tension, between the surrealism of Brigitte Fontaine and the fever of D’Angelo. For her first album, Bonnie Banane has surrounded herself with many producers she is close to such as Para One, Varnish La Piscine, Loubenski, Théo Lacroix, Ponko & Prinzly or Monomite.

Laryssa Kim :

The musical journey of Laryssa Kim, Italo-Congolese singer and composer, started in Rome and the beginning of a love affair with reggae. She moved to Amsterdam in 2008 where, discovering new fields of art such as physical theatre and contemporary dance. Here she was able to explore different ways of communicating with music and voice, incorporating new tools such as looping machines and effects into her set-up Based in Brussels since 2013, she soon began to explore further into electroacoustic music, pursuing a Masters degree in acousmatic composition at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. Since 2015 she has developed her most personal project to date under her own name . These productions synthesize the different faces of her musical path by combining the experimental approach of acousmatic sound with the soulful aspect of influences she has from all kinds of music. Her stage performances are a combination of live electronics and vocal loops that bring the audience towards trancelike, surrealist and oneiric soundscapes. Laryssa Kim released her debut EP in October 2019. She will be performing on the 18th of September at the Botanique in Brussels.


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