Fifty Fifty, Passed

Fifty Session ⎜Joanna x Morgan

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Joanna :

In 2018, a certain Joanna posts her first video. In this video, which she directed herself, everything that Joanna will become is already perceptible. With its hypnotic look, its sensual gravity and its lyrics that only take the diversions of poetry, « Seduction » quickly accumulates a million views and installs the artist from Rennes and founder of her own label JOANNA CLUB, as one of the most promising figures in the current French music scene.
A subtle mix of R&B and trap or electronic sounds, Joanna’s songs project the listener into unique atmospheres where delicate odysseys unfold.
Released in 2020, her first EP Vénus is a parenthesis where desire is told in all its forms, from the softest to the most brutal.
Influenced by artists such as Mylène Farmer, Björk and FKA Twigs, Joanna draws her inspiration from art history, fashion and poetry, but also from her own heart.
Her very first album, Sérotonine, released in 2021, describes the movements of the soul that animate the sweetest and most consuming relationships. Plural and bewitching,
Joanna’s universe unfolds and is not satisfied with any categorisation, as shown by the venomous « Demons », her title track with Laylow.
In this album, with chapters that we follow as if we were following a romantic plot – and where we find with happiness the addictive « Maladie d’amour » and « Viseur » – Joanna invites the listener in a story where the French song knows only one form, the one she gives it, and where the chorus of past loves makes only one voice, hers.

Morgan :

Already known as the producer of the explosive Brussels rap crew Le 77, MORGAN is now launching his solo project, with a first EP « Fleurs Confinées » entirely written, composed and produced by the artist.
Six tracks full of melancholy, which reveal a poetic, sensitive and dreamy MORGAN. The utopia of believing that one can change the world with beautiful words… and share emotions through songs. « Fleurs Confinées » is already available on all platforms.


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