Fifty Fifty, Passed

Fifty Session ⎜Moji Sboy x Squidji

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Moji Sboy :

Moji and Sboy are two childhood best friends who grew up together in Liege.
Considering themselves as two brothers, their symbiosis pushes them very quickly to launch themselves in the rap game by forming a duo. Moji X Sboy don’t want to keep their ever-growing fan base waiting too long. They released in December 2019 a single entitled « Ma Go », a real musical nugget, which already accumulates nearly 20 million streams.

Out last June, their first mixtape entitled « Temps d’Aime », Moji x Sboy cultivate the art of going where we do not expect them. They explore the different facets of Emo rap, and the musical surprise is big. In the purpose to shape this style still unknown in Belgium to their personal liking, they collaborated with real goldsmiths as much on the content – through feats with Luv Resval or Geeeko – as on the form, by surrounding themselves with beat makers like Chuki Beats, Louis Dureau, Ozhora Miyagi or Skuna.
More than a project, « Temps d’Aime » is a gift. It is, indeed, nothing less than their heart that Moji x Sboy offers us for 12 tracks. An inner fire that may well spread.

Squidji :

At 22, SQUIDJI is now considered one of the most promising names of his generation. Stuck somewhere between the romanticism of French Music and the incisive energy of hip-hop, Squidji’s music is a poetry of the modern. In May 2021, he presented his first album ‘Ocytocine’.
Named after the molecule of pleasure and love, this first full-length album defines Squidji’s universe: a hopeful sound, through which he reflects a generation that advocates living together and continually celebrates women. What Ocytocine also affirms is his will to create a universal music, which is addressed to all. You only have to look at the list of guests to understand it: Josman , Lous and The Yakuza , Lala &ce , Jäde and the solar energy of Disiz, a true mentor in the eyes of Squidji.


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