Fifty Fifty, Passed

Fifty Session ⎜Sopico x Bakari

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Sopico :

Sofiane is an autodidact multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, keyboards, wind and string instruments) who emerges as a passionate artist. He grew up with the influences of Brel, Daft Punk or Lunatic, as much as traditional Kabyle music. He loves to test things out artistically, and at the center of it all is always the guitar. From there, the artist departs to create his universe. The guitar always starts his new creation and then lyrics and harmonies are added that transform into lively and sincere songs. Sopico always writes tracks that mix genres without ever getting lost in them. He has a strong identity, and speaks of free rap to define his music. Even when the artist is roaring or brooding in his songs, his music still remains clear, always evolving as the clouds . With his first album « Nuages », released on October 15, 2021, Sopico offers a wave of freshness that is both intimate and universal, capable of moving anyone.

Bakari :

Bakari started writing his first lyrics at the age of 14 and entered the studio a year later. At 18, he was invited to support the rapper Gandhi (now G.A.N). After this experience, the rapper from Liège decided to take music seriously, encouraged by his childhood friends. Bakari isolated himself to prepare his first EP entitled « Kaléidoscope » in 2018.

He returns in 2019 with the single « Mélodie ». From the music to the image, everything was entirely produced by people from Liège. A desire of the artist to highlight the talent of his city. He received very good feedback and media coverage (KONBINI, GENERATIONS FM, BOOSKA P, CLIQUE, GENERAL POP, GRAZIA.FR, VICE, RAPELITE, MTV France).

In 2021, Bakari was back with a series of #SoloBinks freestyles as well as a first EP of the series ‘Sur écoute’. Inspired by the series of the same name, the ‘Sur écoute’ projects are EP’s that trace Bakari’s urban life and daily life in a quasi-documentary aspect. From track to track, the one that Booska P has named as one of the 11 French rappers to follow this year takes us into his universe. Bakari unveiled the third and final part of his project « Sur Écoute », Season 3, on 22 October.


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