Fifty Fifty, Passed

FiftyFifty Session – Buzzy Lee & Yusuf | October 2018

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Buzzy Lee:

Buzzy Lee is the new artist project of Los Angeles performer, writer, and actress. Sasha Spielberg. Sasha is a storyteller by nature, and as Buzzy Lee, she demonstrates a rare ability to detail a dark scene in just a few words.She is also a humorist, a writer and singer capable of depicting poignant scenes awash with sorrow and sarcasm, phrased savagely and delicately. her voice at times plaintive, at other times soaring. Buzzy Lee’s debut EP “Facepaint”, produced by acclaimed electronic artist and frequent collaborator Nicolas Jaar, is a collection of five songs and the LA Times reported that: “with a voice that can gracefully maneuver across octaves, Buzzy Lee fills her measures with dramatic flourish that recalls British singer Kate Bush.”

Buzzy Lee in Live


Operating from his homestudio in Belgium, he’s created an eclectic sound bolstering with dark electronica, echoing guitars and a regal falsetto. Reminiscent of emo-beatmakers such as RY X and James Blake but with a touch of bass that recalls the deepest moments of Blawan and Oneohtrix Point Never, Yusuf creates a melancholic grandeur that creeps under your skin in different ways. Following last year’s debut single ‘Sins’ he now makes his first mark with ‘Balm’, a collection of songs that showcase his talents as a singer, songwriter and producer. For those who remember Tamino’s breathtaking performance, this FiftyFifty Session is clearly not one you want to miss.

Yusuf in Live

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