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Who knows who hides exactly behind PINKNOISE? An anonymous studio genius freewheeling through pulsing bowels of his machines, over powerful algorithms, swaying entity, or artificial intelligence – but that’s not the question. Borrowing its name to ‘pink noise’ in reference to the sound of the waves, torrents and cascades, helping infants to fall asleep, PINKNOISE’s sole goal is to make us feel good, when it’s not making us come.


As for as the rest, we only know that PINKNOISE loves hallucinogenic frogs ‘Too Hot’ and they scored the soundtrack to Ladj Ly’s movie ‘Les Miserables’ who shaken 2019 Cannes Film’s festival.


With ‘Papa Belly’s’ highly addictive video most likely hard to find on the internet because of its explicit content, PINKNOISE beautifully proves that it’s beyond just music. It’s a project constantly shifting, navigating in tumults of our times between post-internet, sensory vitality, extreme pride, artificial high and owned sexuality.


The Pirouettes


FiftyFifty Session – Peter Peter & Wuman | Janvier 2017