Fifty Fifty

Fifty Session | Zed Yun Pavarotti & Frenetik x Curated by Oxmo Puccino

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Fifty Fifty

Zed Yun Pavarotti:

Zed Yun Pavarotti is a French rapper whose lyrics and melodies are based on melancholy. A mix of rap, trap, hip-hop and pop, it offers us a dark universe full of poetry. His first album « French Cash » reflects this raw sublime mix of genres and takes us on a journey through the French language and philosophical references.


Frenetik knows exactly what he wants. It’s only a matter of time before he gets where he needs to be. The Brussel -based rapper mixes street – and conscience rap based on paradoxical and enigmatic punchlines. These words encourage us to think about what is happening around us. As romantic as black, he presents a combination of lyrics about love, sex and drugs. The new versatile rapper that you should definitely keep an eye on.


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