Fifty Fifty

Fifty Session | Saint DX x Susobrino

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Fifty Fifty

Saint DX:

The charming French singer, writer and producer reflects an obsession with love and increased emotional sensitivity. Raised Buddhist by his parents, and deeply influenced by the soundtrack of Grand Bleu, Aurélien sings about the fragility and beauty of our romances. Sade, Mylène Farmer, and even Prince are among his major influences. After a good number of opening acts for Charlotte Gainsbourg and his EP SDX which has just been released, he is ready to enchant the Belgian scene with synthpop.


Percussions, electro-spicy, acoustic instruments and field recording: these are the ingredients chosen by the Belgo-Bolivian Susobrino to create a unique universe. His new album « La Hoja de Eucalipto » brings to life a more energetic and aggressive part of Susobrino. One of the favorite acts on Fifty Fifty Lab so we just had to bring him back on stage.


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