Fifty Fifty

Fifty Session | Lord Esperanza x Peet

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Fifty Fifty

Lord Esperanza :

At the mere age of 21, Lord Esperanza is already committed to creating the most nuanced world possible through as many experiences as possible. From that world, the artist takes us on a wild journey from critical self-tirade, on to anti-global rebellion against society, to pieces of pure egocentrism. It’s no surprise that his discography is already pretty rich, including two solo EPs, two EPs in collaboration with Lux, and a dozen tracks, including « Acid Rose Garden », with Nelick, a project of 16 titles called « Polaroid » and another EP called « INTERNET ». He ended the year 2018 with the release of a new title « Le Temps des graviers » at the famous Colors Studio in Berlin. 2019 will be Lord Esperanza’s year of renewal with the release of his very first album.

Peet :

Doctor Peet aka the Love Doctor aka Dirty Peet aka Super Bawler and ultimate member of Le 77, released his first solo in 2016 after which he focused entirely on the Le 77 project. He’s both rapper and beatmaker and records everything in his own studio. At the end of 2018 he released his new solo project « MECMAN« .


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