Fifty Fifty

Fifty Session | Saudade x Lava La Rue

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Fifty Fifty

Saudade :

Saudade offers a fascinating mix of soul, pop and indie rock. They also draw inspiration from électro or jazz music. This Brussels band was first formed after their singer, junior bokele, returned from 3 years living in London. Deeply impacted by the londonian scene, Junior met bassist Nathan Van Brande and drummer Arthur Lonneux in JazzStudio in Antwerp and they founded Saudade together, with the later addition of clavierist Brice Deconinck. Their first EP Flowers and Dust, out since january 2018, takes you on a sweet journey Where you’ll recognize King Krule or Tame Impala influences.  

Lava La Rue :

West London hailing rapper and singer, Lava La Rue (Artist, Rapper, Founder @NiNE8COLLECTIVE) has been making music for the past few years as both herself, and a part of her collective NiNE8. In the past month, she has begun a true journey of creative releases, with her debut single “Widdit” flooring critics,and receiving attention from the likes ifI-D Magazine and more. As the founding member of the creative group, 20-year old Lava has curated incredible projects across the worlds of art, music and fashion. Lava is setting the pace, introducing herself to new fans, old fans and critics alike, with LO-FI alternative dreamy Hip Hop flows and experimental R&B often using a combination of DIY soundscapes with handmade visuals to narrate a tale of inner-city lyricism from a queer female gaze in London’s underground scene.


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