Fifty Fifty, Passed

FiftyFifty Session – Haute & Swing | Fevrier 2018

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Fifty Fifty, Passed

Haute :

Behind the French duo HAUTE, halfway between Electronic R&B and Soulful Pop, is hidden Anna Majidson and Blasé.

The nam HAUTE is a reflection of “their roots but also a certain grandeur and elegance a la francaise while staying relevant to an english-speaking environment”. Blasé and Anna work hand in hand on every track: they write, compose and record together in perfect symbiosis.

Spotted by Sofitel Hotels, they wrote “ Reverie”, the signature song of the famous brand and brought it to life in an unplugged session video available HERE.
Its newest single” Shut Me Down” is a track which stand out with a subtle combination of hazy synth, funky guitars, swinging percussions and smooth vocals.

Live de Haute


Swing is a Belgian rapper from the trio l’Or du Commun who just release his first solo album “Marabout” on january 19. He has already gone a long way with three different groups, more than a hundred stages and he has been touring with Romeo Elvis as his backer.

This is now as a solo artist that we can discover him through 10 brand new songs  swinging between super modern influences and more classical roots which characterize pretty well the current hype.

His first solo album “ Marabout” is out since  january 19, 2018.

Two marvellous videos are available for Cercle and Corbeaux

Live de Swing

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