FiftyFifty Session – Juicy & Nathy Peluso | Mars 2018

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Juicy :

JUICY is Julie Rens and Sasha Vovk, an all girl (power) duo from Belgium (fire!) ready to take the world by storm with their nostalgia infused blend of retro-futuristic R&B.

The duo started playing parties around Brussels two years ago as a nineties/00’s R&B and Hip Hop cover act. Their intoxicating (and highly humorous!) live shows steadily built into a hype that blew all the way over to Paris, France.

2018 shit’s about to get real, the divine and diabolical duo are about to unleash their first EP “Cast a Spell “ on March 23rd composed entirely of original Juicy tracks.
We have already discover “Count our fingers twice” and “Die Baby Die”.

Live de Juicy

Nathy Peluso:

Nathy Peluso comes from Argentina and now lives in Madrid. That combination creates unique vibes and allows diverse cultural soundscapes to seep into her music. We can recommend you take a dive into her debut album, La Sandungera: supple and abstract, danceable music with a wink of the eye to hip-hop, R&B and jazz. Or, in the words of Nathy Peluso: Hiphapa.

She came to the Beursschouwburg on january 29 and will be coming back to Belgium for Dour Festival.

Live de Nathy Peluso

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